Residential Window Cleaning

Minneapolis Window Cleaners if the name you can trust when it comes to cleaning your homes windows.  With years of experience we will leave your windows streak free and visibly clear!

Commercial Window Cleaning

With over 15 years of experience there is not a window in Minnesota we can't clean.  Whether you are a small business, a property owner or anything in between you can count on your Minneapolis Window Cleaners to complete the job in a professional manner.

High-Rise Window Cleaning

The Twin Cities is home to two of the most beautiful skylines in the county.  We take pride in knowing that our crew is responsible for keeping many of the downtown high-rises sparkling bright!

Pressure Washing

We are your local pressure washing pros! We have taken on many pressure washing jobs.  Mostly decks, sidewalks/driveways and home siding.  Ask us about our all in one pressure washing package!

Building Restoration

You might think of us when it comes to window cleaning but we offer building restoration as well.  Our restoration team will bring back the beauty and elegance that your historic building once had.

Gutter Cleaning

The changing leaves in Minnesota is a marvelous site.  On the other had it means the leaves will be falling soon and often getting stuck in your gutters.  Make sure to schedule an annual cleaning for your gutters and drain spouts to increase the life of your gutters, drain spouts and your property as a whole.

Roof and Solar Panel Cleaning

Installing solar panels can save you a lot of money when it comes to your energy bills.  To get the most out of your panels it is crucial to keep them clean enough to eat off of.  Don't think about pulling out your ladder and making the dangerous climb to the top of the roof.  Call your Minneapolis Solar Panel Pros today!

Light Fixtures, Mirrors & Ceiling Fan Cleaning

Minneapolis Window Cleaners have cleaned all sorts of light fixtures.  We have the tools and equipment to clean any light fixture no matter the height.  We have cleaned chandeliers in elegant buildings to ceiling fans in high school gyms.  What ever your cleaning needs may be we have you covered.

Christmas Light Insallation

There are over 100 recorded falls per year due to amateur holiday light installation.  Not only that it can take your hours, even days to set up your display depending on your design.  This is a job you just might want to leave to the pros this coming holiday season.

Snow Removal

Minneapolis Window Cleaner is your one stop shop for many of your home service needs.  We now offer residential and commercial snow removal services.  Give us a call today and well be sure you never slip on ice again.

Ice Dam Removal

Ice Dams have become a dangerous issue in Minnesota for yourself and your home.  Ice may build up, gain weight over time.  You are risking destruction to your property but also safety of the individuals walking below.  Don't wait till its to late.  Get that ice dam removed today.